Sunrise workouts ?!?!?

Another new goal of mine is early morning workouts (yes, I have lost my mind). I am definitely that person that has a million great ideas and maybe acts on a handful of them. This idea though does have a purpose. The idea behind this goal is that an early morning workout is far less likely to be interrupted by my job, kids, husband or the house that always needs to be cleaned. The only problem with this goal, actually waking up to get to yoga or the gym.

I know all the great benefits of starting my day early and working out. I even read some books on why I should get up early and take on my day. When I do get there I am happy I did, boy is it hard to get there though. I am tired. I have three crazy kids and a husband (aka adult kid). I live in NH and it has been so cold, ridiculously cold and convincing myself to climb out of my cozy bed before sunrise is not easy. I could go on but you get the idea.

I talked with a bunch of my friends when I first had this great idea. I thought I might be able to convince one of them to join me, accountability=success, or that’s what I hear anyways. Pretty much, they think I am nuts.  I am on my own for accountability.

So for now I am just putting this goal out there into the universe, hoping that somehow that’s another step towards me actually getting up and out the door. I’ll add this goal to the goal from earlier in the week about loving myself while I workout 🙂  It’s going to be a busy week…


With Love,


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