Out of Balance

It has been a crazy past couple of weeks. Work has been busy. The kids competitions and meets are in full swing and my husbands had to travel a bunch. There has been so much running around and so little sleep. I don’t know about other people but I often feel like there is this balancing act we all juggle, sometimes just one extra thing can make the whole act out of balance. A few extra things and life can just feel overwhelming.

I find that when things get overwhelming the first thing to go is usually anything for myself. When I sit and think about this rationally I know that not taking care of myself means all the other things become even more overwhelming. In those moments of chaos though the first thing to get cut from the schedule is me.

While the past couple weeks have not been great in my getting to the Yoga part of my 40 day Yoga journey something has shifted. I am aware of myself and I can see the stress and what I need to do to fix it. I am working towards steps to get back to what keeps me a little more sane. (Let’s face it I have three kids, I am never completely normal)

Another shift I have been noticing is in my husband or maybe it’s me. I don’t know if I am just becoming so much more aware and present or if he is becoming more supportive. He’s been noticing my stress and not just saying “sorry” but genuinely saying “how do we make this better, easier”. I’ve also really noticed him complementing me lately. I have noticed in all aspects of life I need to grow in my reaction to compliments. I am quick to brush them off, discredit them, be embarrassed etc. but really I need to accept and believe them and be happy about it.

The goal over the next couple weeks is restore the order. Work to get back to balance. Better balance makes us all better versions of ourselves in all areas.

Wishing you all love and balance

With Love


Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness, and through this awareness we can grow. -Koi Fresco

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