My Life Unmasked

Hi, this is me, unmasked.  Mom, wife, therapist, friend and somewhere in there, me.  After turning 36 and having an internal I don’t want to be old meltdown, I thought to myself, I want to make this the best year. I want this to be a year to remember. I want to… I didn’t know. What was it I wanted to do?  What was going to make this year special? How could this year be different from any other past year? I then thought, I know, I need to make time for me. I need to be a priority. I still didn’t know what it was I wanted to do with this time and new-found self prioritization.  Four months went by with me thinking to myself how do I make this year great?  I started trying out different things. Sadly, beyond work, wife and mom I really am not sure what it is that I on my own enjoy. I worked out because if I could be in great shape, I would be happy, right? I started listening to lots of books I had intended to some day read but never had the time for.  I watched lots of shows on Netflix and Amazon.  I did lots of early morning thinking in the shower in between yells of “he hit me” or “she’s not helping me”.  And then I started listening to some podcasts, specifically Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, with guests like Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert and Glennon Doyle. This little fire started to burn inside of me to just take a leap, explore, listen and feel what it is that I may be drawn to.  I tried some yoga classes for the first time and while I was terrified and so lost, I loved it. I loved that I had the courage to go to a strange place and try something I had no clue how to do and I had survived. I felt like the words that the teachers were speaking in class somehow all pertained so perfectly to me.  I started to remember that there was a time that I wanted to be a writer, specifically a children’s author and that throughout all my life I have always loved words.  I would consider myself someone who has a hard time sharing my feelings outwards with spoken words. However, with written words I have always found comfort.    So here I am, a place where I can share my words, share the search for my passions and share life as mom, wife, therapist, friend and me.

With Love,


It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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